Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Quick Update-Alpha and Omega.

Just a quick update to let any readers I have left know that I'm still working.

I'm currently reexamining some of my core mechanical assumptions, which if I were to post about them prematurely, might just lead to frustration to anyone reading. I'd likely have to recant anything I posted now.

I will say that I'm working on a way to build a simplified version of Tribute, possibly without Functions. This would likely work as a Basic version of the game; you'd add Functions for the Advanced version of the game. This would allow the basic version of the game to use plain English for Effect descriptions if I can pull it off.

I'm toying with calling the basic version "Tribute Alpha" and the advanced version "Tribute Omega". I know that Alpha tends to mean "Work in progress" in software circles, but I like the pairing.

I'm not sure if I can pull this off, honestly. It will require some significant changes to how the numbers work. I know I haven't really gotten into them on the blog, but I have always had a basic idea of how they would interact, and things like what kinds of ranges I'd need. All of that would have to change if I went the way I think I might be going.

For example, it's looking like Powers will have to have Ranks- or maybe not. I have a lot of thinking and discussion with game design friends to do.

There may be some dead air on the blog for a while, or it might come to me in a flash. I'll have to wait and see.  But trust me when I say that I'll be working on this set of problems constantly.