Monday, October 14, 2013

Towards Tribute Alpha

If you've read this post, you know that I plan to create two versions of Tribute- a simple version called "Alpha", and a more detailed version called "Omega".  The primary difference I expect Alpha to have is the lack of the 12 Function Elements. Effects will be more freeform than they will be in Omega. 

Writing these two versions isn't a matter of just writing a simple game then making it more complicated- if I want them to be compatible, I need to have Omega done first, so I can simplify it for Alpha. I need to know how I'm handling things so I can generalize the rules. 

In the coming posts, I plan to start putting up the Element rules I'm working on for Tribute Omega. Each of the current (34) Elements will have its own post containing only its rules, which I'll try to keep to one page worth of information (in 9 point Font).  As I write each of them up, I'll make each Element's entry in the Summary of the Elements post into a hyperlink to its rules page. Each entry will serve as a reference that will be edited in the future if and when it needs to change.

I expect this process to create a lot of changes to what I've previously explained regarding the Elements. I will be trying to make things more elegant, and shore up issues as I find them. I may need to change, combine, or alter the Elements, so be warned. It might get messy.  

I'll continue to post about other game issues throughout the process as they come up.

Thanks for reading.